Branding/Animation/Typography/Book Design
This is a hypothetical aromatherapy essential oil publicity exhibition. The purpose is to widely publicize the OEO brand value and let more people participate in this unique immersive enjoyment activity.
Let people sit down and feel the plants, fragrances, and more.
The brand emphasizes the benefits of using organic materials, stimulating the release of hormones such as dopamine by making customers more relaxed through natural flavors.


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Logo analysis ↓
Taking the four main flavors as the theme of the poster design, the high-end image of the brand is highlighted with a simple design style ↓
Introduction cards and brochures ↓
Create a ceramic bottle using 3D rendering.
More environmentally friendly materials, light-proof and heat-resistant properties will better protect the product from deterioration. ↓
Product brochure and event photos ↓
Product creative advertising ↓
Subway advertisements ↓
Use social media to attract more customers to this exhibition ↓
Exhibition ticket design ↓
Exhibition Hall ↓